What We Do...

Leadership Development – Using an intensive, hands-on leadership development model, we train ordinary people to lead their communities and help them act to make truly extraordinary differences.

Community Organizing – Working with these leaders we build relationships, facilitate community meetings and help organize local actions to bring positive change at the local, state, and national levels.

Advocacy – We facilitate and advocate for public policies that respect the dignity of all people. Currently we are engaged throughout the County in Comprehensive and Humane Immigration Reform, a Right to a Roof, as well as various local justice/civil rights issues.

Civic Participation – We partner with other organizations to help people in the areas of Naturalization and Civic Education. We also work to register voters throughout many of San Diego’s immigrant communities.

Health and Transportation Equity – We are an active member of local, state and national coalitions trying to advance health access and transportation equity.

Fiesta del Sol San Diego – We organize the largest leadership driven Latino family festival in the County, drawing over 30,000 San Diegans, and involving hundreds of young people and community members. This vibrant event promotes art, culture, family, opportunity, justice…and fun.


Our Mission

The mission of Justice Overcoming Boundaries (JOB) is to support and develop grassroots community leadership by empowering lower income and other marginalized, often immigrant and people of color in Sand Diego with the tools, skills, and resources to shape the public policies that directly impact them, their families, and communities. Given the JOB is an institutionally based interfaith organization, it builds leaders across race, class and geographic barriers in our region. 

JOB is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Network, a nation-wide organization based in Chicago, IL.  Gamaliel has 44 affiliates in 17 states and provides consulting and training to support local staff and leaders.




“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”

— Fredrick DOUGLAS, the great abolitionist


Our Beginning

Justice Overcoming Boundaries (JOB) was founded in 2004 at a meeting of 2,000 residents who demanded that immigration officers stop being allowed to board buses and trolleys to harass or remove those who looked like undocumented people.  JOB won and the evening TV news reported; "it is a new day in San Diego".  In 2006, we established Fiesta del Sol - San Diego, a 2-day street festival that draws up to 50,000 people and raises funds for the organization.  In 2007, we organized the largest and most peaceful march in the history of the county in support of immigrants. CNN reported as estimated 100,000 people.


$130 billion

The amount invested annually by undocumented immigrants to the California GDP says the Daily Beast.


This is the portion of poor people living in areas of concentrated poverty says the National University System Institute for Policy Research


A single commuter switching his or her commute to public transportation can reduce a household's carbon footprint by 10% 


Get Involved

Power must be built among the people most affected for many reasons.  They must stop agreeing silently to be victims; they must speak for themselves; they must bring others along – both the disenfranchised and those who believe San Diego must be a more just community; and, then, and only then, can they make major contributions to the democracy we all seek as a nation. Are you interested in getting involved?

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