Fiesta Del Sol San Diego 2017
to Aug 13

Fiesta Del Sol San Diego 2017

  • 2101-2191 Main St San Diego, CA, 92113 United States (map)
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Starts: 11:00 am Ends 6:00 pm each day

Justice Overcoming Boundaries (J.O.B.) leadership and members invites you to the 12th Annual Fiesta del Sol San Diego. The two-day event will take place on Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13. Fiesta del Sol is one of the largest community driven family festivals in San Diego County. This event offers participants a fun and family friendly atmosphere with no cost for admission. Leaders from all over the county come together to strategize, plan, and implement what their Fiesta del Sol San Diego will look like. This includes entertainment, multi-cultural food, interactive pavilions, and several booths sponsored by local small businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporate partners.

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to Aug 5

National Leadership Training II

Santa Rosa, CA

Gamaliel is an international organizing institute. It was established in 1986 to train leaders and organizers for the increasingly difficult task of building strong, stable and effective institutionally-based power organizations that can transform congregations and communities. Participants include clergy and lay leaders, as well as leaders from organizations, labor unions and other community based institutions.

Our organizing methodology is based on the experiences and reflections of those who have worked in this field and implemented these methods successfully.

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