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Citizenship Workshop 2012

Voter Registration Drive at Fiesta del Sol

Agitating and Enabling.

Voter Registration

Voting is an right that we as citizens of the United States of America tohave. Voting is the power contained within the system of democracy for each individual to stand up and say is important to them in their society. It is the potentiality of power in a community or a society to change they way they function within their own society.

JOB therefore has been involved in various voter registration campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of voting, the issues to be voted on and opportunities to actually register to vote in upcoming elections.

Citizenship Workshop

The road to citizenship is a daunting, expensive and complex. There are many in San Diego County who are intimidated by the daunting work that is required in becoming a citizen. Others may desire to, but simply cannot afford to the process. Still there are some who are eligible to become citizens, however, because the process is so complex, are simply not aware that they are eligible. There are a plethora of reasons for wanting to become a citizen as well: to become citizens so that they will be viewed with higher standing in society, to be e eligible for better jobs or promotions or simply for the sense of security that citizenship offers. JOB recognizes the importance of the path to citizenship, but is also aware of its difficulty. Therefore JOB, in collaboration with many other organizations and community groups, has been instrumental in putting on various Citizenship Workshops throughout San Diego County.

Our Victories

  • For the November 2010 elections, JOB leaders, ages 11-86, made 10,000 calls to Latino Voters, urging them to get out and vote!
  • Engaged the community in massive outreach for the 2010 Census
  • We have conducted free citizenship workshops every year across San Diego County. This has involved training dozens of community leaders and has resulted in our assisting many immigrants in getting on the path to their citizenship

Our Allies

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