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Our Core Mission...

Justice Overcoming Boundaries is building a powerful network of Faith, Community, Educational, Business and Labor partners that work to advance social justice in the San Diego region. We aim to foster leaders who can develop solutions and identify opportunities, and we are intentional about developing grass-roots leaders who have the knowledge and skill to help their communities be heard and to take action in the public arena.

Our Mission is to nurture and develop grass roots community leaders, empowering them with the tools, skills and support they need to shape public policies that affect them, their families and their communities.

What We Believe...

  • As people created in the image of God and inspired by Sacred Scripture, our faith traditions, and by courageous forebears of faith, we here unite to labor and serve together to advance community, justice, equity, peace and understanding in San Diego County.
  • As a committed people, we covenant with each other to overcome attitudes which separate us from each other and which damage true community.
  • As a faithful people, we covenant to accept our differences and therefore we pledge to seek those higher, unifying goals, which provoke us in the direction of a greater shared good.
  • As an interdependent people, we believe that our destiny is inextricably intertwined with our neighbors.
  • As an organized people, we covenant to build bridges and relationships across cultural, economic, geographical, racial, and religious lines.
  • Humbled by the task before us, we are inspired by the Power within us. Drawing authority and strength from our historic and rich faith traditions, we hereby covenant to take up our work with faith, with hope, and with love. May God's blessings be upon us, as we endeavor to be a blessing to others. AMEN.