The Issues

Frederick Douglass, the great abolitionist, said, "Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will.  Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them."  This holds true for many who live in San Diego County.  Immigrants, refugees and low-income people are oppressed the most because they have been systematically disconnected from the decision makers, from one another and from themselves.  Disconnectedness then becomes powerlessness.  Our primary goal is to end this sense of powerlessness by engaging leaders in the acting on the values and beliefs that are important to them.

civil rights of immigrants

In an area where the Hispanic population is 51% of the city, Escondido is "Ground Zero" for civil rights for immigrants. History has shown there are aggressive strategies used by those in power to harass, abuse, profile, punish, and jail immigrants.

J.O.B. developes, engages, and educates local residents to engage in the political arena to make a systemic change in their community. This is done through actions of accountability, training, know your rights forums, citizenship workshops, and voter engagement.

Right to a Roof

This county is recognized as having the third largest population of  undocumented immigrants in California.  It's no wonder given that San Diego is a border town. More than half of its residents are people of color – half born in the USA and half born in other countries – documented and undocumented from Mexico and other South American countries; refugees from African and Middle-eastern countries; Asians and Pacific Islanders; and, African Americans.  Of all the issues discussed within the organization, no other issue is raised as often as housing. 

We have families in which both parents are carrying two jobs and their housing costs are eating up eighty percent of their income.  This is outrageous!  We are building a team of leaders who are determined to create affordable housing opportunities for all.


J.O.B. took efforts to get the California Legislature to pass a bill that would set up a trial program of free bus passes for elementary through college students funded through the State of California’s Greenhouse Gas funds. JOB met with State Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, chair of the Assembly budget and finance committee, to get her to support AB 2222. She did champion the bill in the Assembly.